About Me

Marine Biologist  Environmental Scientist  Inventor  Entrepreneur  Author  Teacher

I trained originally as a Marine Biologist with post graduate education in marine agriculture and business administration.

I have a long history as an environmental scientist, professor and consultant. I have run my own consulting businesses and served in three levels of government.

A successful inventor, I have designed and manufactured commercial products ranging from rotary composters, super absorbent pads for the cargo hold of commercial aircraft, to controlled environment technology for shipping lobster and other live seafood products.

ACI FOODS - specialists in organic nutrition

Cold-pressed Hemp Oil; Hemp Protein Powder; Hemp Hearts Photo Credit: Vicki Raw

My most recent endeavour is as owner/operator of the only strictly organic hemp processing facility in North America. Located in Abbotsford BC Canada, ACI Foods processes and packages gluten free, organic hemp seed (centers), cold-pressed oil, protein powder and flour.



To fill out an already busy schedule, I also write action thriller novels; a bi-weekly column on applied science for the Patrika newspaper (see BLOG); am a Rotarian; and work too many hours as a paramedic in and around the Fraser Valley.

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