Diabetes: The Unpleasant Neighbor in the South Asian Community

A sobering statistic – upwards of 20% of the adult south Asian population of BC has received a diagnosis of diabetes versus around 7 % of the Caucasian population.

There are many theories out there attempting to explain this very distinctive difference. They range from ‘perhaps the South Asian population is more predisposed to diabetes and by association, heart disease’, all the way to the silly idea that diabetes stems from their love of butter and sweets. Or maybe it is as simple asa large group of people who were used to lots of activity and restricted access to calorie rich diets finding these conditions reversed when they live in North America. Continue reading “Diabetes: The Unpleasant Neighbor in the South Asian Community”

Carbon Capture & Sequestration (CCS)

This globe of ours is heating up. And now, just a month after the historic Paris Agreement on climate change it is generally acknowledged that this temperature increase is largely man made and that we have to do something to keep the temperatures from rising more than 1.5° Celsius, the point at which the effects of climate change could become irreversible.

So, what you might ask, is all the fuss about? Continue reading “Carbon Capture & Sequestration (CCS)”