How Science Proved that Vancouver’s Insite Works

Vancouver’s safe injection site, Insite, a project that started out as an experiment, works but it took a good dose of scientific method and scrupulous data crunching to prove it. Researchers had to find a way to cut through biases of a skeptical public and a suspicious political front. Insite opened in September 2003, the first facility of its kind in North America (now more than 90 worldwide) following in the footsteps of success stories in Europe and Australia. Continue reading “How Science Proved that Vancouver’s Insite Works”

Polyphenols & Your Health

Have you ever heard of polyphenols? No? How about green tea and its antioxidant effects? Yes? OK, now we’re getting warmer. As it turns out, green tea and the very popular black teas contain similar amounts of polyphenols, a class of chemicals found most commonly in plants.

The word derivation of polyphenols is “poly” or many and “phenol”, a very stable, six-sided carbon ring molecule with three double bonds. These phenol molecules, when joined together through plant biochemical pathways, provide some very important features to plants and other organisms, like us, that happen to feed on them. Continue reading “Polyphenols & Your Health”