CPR, AEDs & 911 Saving Lives

Two short, three-letter abbreviations and three numbers that when used together can save the life of a loved one or a complete stranger.

CPR – Cardio (meaning heart) plus Pulmonary (meaning lungs) and Resuscitation (meaning restore) – has been around for approximately fifty years and in that time has undergone continuous improvement and increases in effectiveness.  CPR has been the subject of numerous scientific studies, international conferences and revisions, to the point that now when a member of the general public identifies someone in need as non-responsive and not breathing it is as simple as: Continue reading “CPR, AEDs & 911 Saving Lives”

Jet Streams

This week’s topic is the effect of the jet stream on weather and, ultimately, on climate change. It is a subject this scientist knew nothing about before starting this essay but serves as a great example of how scientific method works to answer unanswered questions about the natural world. Answers are found when an individual or research team addresses one part of the puzzle and then bit by bit, builds on the work of others until a generalized understanding is achieved. Continue reading “Jet Streams”