Phoenix File

Schwizerhalle,  Switzerland, November 1st, 1986. A horrific midnight fire and explosion levels a massive Sandoz chemical storage facility. The resulting toxic witch’s brew spilling into the Rhine kills everything in its path. Out of the ashes of one of the worst environmental disasters in European history, the Phoenix Foundation is born.

Marie Francoise Von Bessel, socialite wife of a Sandoz VP lost both her husband and son to the fire. Driven by desperation and revenge she becomes a relentless environmental crusader fighting to ensure safeguards are in place so that disasters like Schwizerhalle never happen again. But in her quest, she has made enemies and inadvertently uncovered aspects of Iraq’s long hidden secret agenda.

Vancouver, BC, the present. Mohammed’s Sword, a mercenary scientist hired to develop nerve gas for the Iraqi war machine, goes renegade, threatening to expose his deadly secrets.

Aziz Hamani, a Colonel in the Republican Guard, must find the Sword before the madman can unleash his final revenge.

Staff Sergeant Douglas Baker, RCMP, a career intelligence officer assigned to provide security for Von Bessel at the Globe Environmental Conference, is drawn into a deadly plot to silence her.